Located in the northeast of Köyceğiz Yuvarlakçay Topgözü Pinar nature and by collecting water from the north of Dalyan Koycegiz Lake Plain dökülür.yuvarlakçay the source of approximately 30 km to the lake. uzaklıktadır.yuvarlakçay the flow from where it enters the plains 8.8m3 during the summer period in the amount of water carried to the lake is used for irrigation reduction at various stations from olmaktadır.yuvarlakçayı the source of water pollution in the analysis of the water at the source is the 1st class quality görülmüştür.b over tea several recreational establishments has.

Sandras 2294 meters in height, the highest mountain of Mugla. The foothills of the mountains "hidden" standing two "paradise" there. 300 meters with 400 meters range Topgözü Canyon with watering in summer citrus tank Yuvarlakçay plains, lush vegetation and human health and well-being by infusing fresh air. come out of the rocks on the course of the day do not get enough water to meet light snow turns into a waterfall. Another Needless to mention, this is plain, with plateaus, canyons, though with a waterfall "miracle of nature".
Saklıkent a similar in Fethiye, the highest mountain of 2294 meter located and which are located in the back of Koycegiz Mugla Sandras skirt. Topgözü Canyon: Canyon range of 400 meters, after a gap in the 300 meters. the snow water from the rock brings the light of day here waterfalls occur. April-May in the hard granite rock that confront the raging waters of the river have been polished smooth as violence. the water from the rock bottom in Çayhisar Write creating Round River plain irrigating the citrus store.

Tea, Beyobasi village and Köyceðiz drinking water while other parts of Fire dumped Koycegiz Lake. Despite the fact that a container of water with me, adds to the flavor and freshness of meat to be very cold surrounding trout. Large and small on the Round Cable has nearly 20 restaurants. Regions with lush vegetation, other than air is clean. Sandras pine trees and flower trees bearing our feature on Baba mountains. Eighty percent of first-class larch trees are considered knotless sought chopping springs and furniture due to a durable solid pine wood. Turkish timber of Evian in America still have been sent by the Muğla Governorship of these mountain trees.

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